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17 October 2008 @ 01:55 pm
[001] Washington D.C - Anime USA  
So for my first trip that I will posting in this community, For the first time ever, I traveled across the country to Washington D.C so that I can see one of my all time favorite bands, Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-. This was the first time ever that I have traveled by myself to anywhere! It was really intense and at some points, a little scary ;~;

October 11th & 12th 2008
Amount Spent: $120

So I was SOOO stoked for the concert when I woke up, I was supposed to fly out to Ronald Reagan International airport at 2:00pm when suddenly my father called me and ruined my day. He had told me that 5 illegal immigrants got arrested from his job and that he had to work and cover for them. He said that unless I could talk to someone and let me stay over that I couldn't go. Naturally, I was PISSED. So I tried to contact a few people right away. I tried amethystcorpse first but since I didn't get a response, I posted in a forum asking if anyone had extra rooms at the hotel. I didn't get a response for a while, so I kind of gave up, got pissed, and spent $110 bucks on 2 things: My Kaya DVD, and my Kaya tickets.

Then after that (And of course this would happen to me) someone answers back saying they have a room. I was even more pissed off now that I had NO money (I only had like 85 in my account) so my dad and my aunt both gave me 40 bucks so that I could go. It was only $20 for hotel, so it wasn't that bad of a deal at all. I packed my crap and went to bed xD

I woke up at around 8:00am so that I could catch my flight to Ronald Raegan internation airport at 10:50. I got through security and everything rather quickly so I sat down at my gate and waited for them to start the boarding process. So long story short, I was on the plane for about 2 hours and 30 mins when we finally touched down.

At first I was really concerned of how I was going to get to the hotel, when I realized that the hotel was called The Hyatt regency ~Crystal City~ at Raegan international airport. So... I called the hyatt and they picked me up for free :D As we turned the last corner I saw a whole bunch of cosplayers everywhere and seriously said to myself "This must be the place!" I called Devin (Who was my roomie) and he said he would meet me by the room in like 10 mins, so I registered for the con and looked around for a bit. I went down the first escalator and I heard Versailles being played loud, so I follow the noise to the Tainted Reality booth. This awesome girl dressed in lollita was working and I realized that she was the co-owner of Tainted reality radio! Anyway I still haven't gone up to my hotel yet so I had my dufflebag still with me which was really annoying xD

I bought one of the Colored tour T-shirts for 30 bucks and the NOBLE CD for starters xD Then I headed up to the room, put my stuff away, put my Versailles shirt on and left again for the tainted reality booth. This random asian dude (Who I later found out was the band's manager!) came up to me and offered me the new Versailles photobook for 50 bucks. I got to look through it, but I ended up not buying it since I didn't have much money in the first place. It was SO pretty though ;~;

I really didn't have anything to do, so I just kept walking around trying to figure out where everything was to be held so I could get a good spot for the concert. After I familiarized myself with the area I yet again returned to the tainted reality booth where the girl had left and this hot hot hot gay man was there instead. I got the HUGE ASS poster for 10 bucks and hat was it, I couldn't afford to get anything more xD I had already spent $52 bucks on merch alone, plus the 40 for the con pass.

Thats not mine... I just found a pic of it xD

So it was about 6:45 when I checked the convention schedule to see what was going on. The Jrock Revolution panel was about to start so I went there to see what it was all about. They told us the process of getting Jrock bands over here (Which basically was contacting the bands manager, and working out a time, and waiting about 4 months for something to be confirmed) and then the tainted reality girl came in and talked to us about the radio, and how hard and expensive it was to bring the bands overseas. (Someone asked how much the L'Arc~en~ciel concert at otakon was, and she said she couldn't confirm or deny that the price was about 15,000... or 50,000 I dunno x.x;)

We played trivia for a little while and then left to line up for the concert at around 8:00. But on my way there I noticed that DJ SiSeN was signing autographs at the TR booth, what a cute boy he is xDDDDDD

I get downstairs and there is this HUGE line already (And the concert didn't start for another 2 hours!) so I waited in line before they cleared EVERYONE out of the area. Everything was totally chaotic and there ended up being like 5 different lines. Everyone was freaking confused and it was a mess. After about an hour of fussing around, we finally got a real line going. So we sat in front of the ballroom and waited for them to let us in. It was about 9:30 when the TR girl came back out (If anybody remembers her name, please remind me xD) and made an announcement that there is NO photography allowed in the hall, but if you purchased a photo book earlier then you could have the opportunity to have a picture with the band. Of course everyone wanted to go buy it now so they raised the price to $60! I refused to pay that price especially when I found it the day before on cdjapan for $36.97 :|

So it was 10 o'clock, and the doors still hadn't opened and people were starting to get agitated. This girl who was sitting across from me had to have EMT's check her out because she just didn't look good AT ALL. They took her pulse and gave her some water and bread. This really hot Near cosplayer was sitting next to me and we started talking about Jrock and how we both loved D'espairsRay and then talked about the concerts we have attended.

11:00pm rolls by, we are officially an hour late and the doors still haven't opened. Suddenly, everyone screams their head off and everyone stands up, so I assumed we were ready to go inside. But it was just DJ SiSeN who was walking around dancing and talking to people. So we all sat back down. They started to pass out water to everyone, since we were obviously really late. So we sat and sat and sat and sat and sat, and then at midnight the doors finally opened.

Everyone rushed in there and I got a pretty good view of the stage, this tall dude came in front of me and just stood there. And I couldn't see at all. So using my really really small body I moved in front of him and even closer to the stage. I got a good place and stood there. And stood there. And stood there. They were playing intense techno music, along with this really intense strobe light that seriously made me want to go into convulsions. We danced, and danced and danced. Then this girl with ugly ass dread locks comes on the stage and the MC announced it was her birthday, so we sang happy birthday to her.

Then all her dread lock friends came out and started to dance REALLY slut-ily. They were all dressed slutty too. After due time DJ SiSeN came back out (And by this time, I am completely in love with him xD) and started dancing with them. They went away and we waited some more. People were getting pissed off beyond all belief now and everytime the music ended this girl to my left would scream at the top of her lungs VERSAILLES!!!!!!!!! but nothing would happen.

So it was about 12:57 or something in the morning, when Roger came out, the owner of tainted reality radio. People started booing him because they didn't want to see him they wanted the band, people were shouting things like "SHUT UP! WE DON'T CARE! - GIVE US VERSAILLES! - GET THE FUCK OF THE STAGE! VERSAILLES VERSAILLES VERSAILLES!" so Roger obviousliy didn't want to put up with their shit so he said "Alright, without further ado here is VERSAILLES - PHILHARMONIC QUINTET! And the intro from NOBLE started to play.

Yuki was the first to come out, his hair kind of made me laugh :3 Then it was Hizaki, Jasmine You, Teru, and finally Kamijo. And let me tell you one thing, Kamijo is so much sexier in person x____x; I almost passed out from his hotness. The first song was Aristocrats Symphony which was pretty awesome xD the vocals were pretty low, but it was still amaaaaazing. I'm not 100% sure on the order of the setlist, but I do know for a fact which songs were played! :D

Aristocrats Symphony
Shout and Bites
Beast of Desire
Forbidden gate
After cloudia
Red carpet day
The Revenant Choir

Before he started singing Aristocrats Symphony, he jumped down into the audience and was getting tugged at by rabid fangirls, and they WOULD NOT LET HIM GO. He was pulling as hard as he could but they would not let go >< They kind of pissed me off. After Aristocrats Symphony Kamijo said "Hello D.C! We are Versailles philharmonic quintet from Japan! Next song is, SHOUT AND BITES!!" with this cute little scream, Gah I love him ;~;

Right after "Forbidden Gate" they all stopped to get some water and rest for a minute. Then Kamijo came back up to the stage and looked at everyone and said "I want to take you away.... to Japan.... with me...." Then PRINCE started playing (Which is currently my favorite song :D) and the guitar solo was a-mazing.

Zombie was FUN. Before he started singing Kamijo screamed for everyone to clap their hands "ARE YOU READY D.C? ARE YOU READY!?" then Zombie started and the entire audience started head banging in tune with the music.

Probably my favorite part of the concert was right before "After Cloudia", they had attempted to start but I guess the guitar failed or something and Kamijo stopped it and was all "No no no, that was yuck! D:" so he started talking in japanese.... then started after cloudia.

I was a bit upset at the fact they played history of the other side, in the time it took to play that song, they could have played all the rest of my favorites that they didn't perform. (The song is 10 mins long, and they didn't perform love from a dead orchestra, SUZERAIN, SECOND FEAR, or TO THE CHAOS INSIDE which are all of my top faves :| but it was good, I love guitar solos xD

Oh I lied o_o Red carpet day is one of my favorite songs too, so this was intense. Everyone was headbanging and it was just... AH. This dude next to me was pissing me the fuck off though because he didn't know the band at all but he was headbanging to them like they were fucking dir en grey. EVEN DURING THE SLOW PARTS. I was about to push him over and leave towards the front.

So they left for like 30 seconds, then came back for the encore, which was basically just sympathia and the Revenant choir. The revenant choir was amazing to see live, I absolutely adore the guitar solos from that song. HIZAKI and Teru have the most amazing skills when it comes to guitar. What pissed me off though was that the fucking asshole music dude who was in charge of sound and music and stuff TURNED OFF HIS MICROPHONE. Kamijo was trying to say goodbye to everyone so he tried his mic, then Teru's, then HIZAKI's, then Yuki's so after he tried he just looked at the front row and shrugged with the cutest smile on his face. He waved and left. HIZAKI and Teru threw a couple of picks and Yuki threw his drum sticks out and everyone left.

Roger came back out and reminded everyone to buy the photobook if they wanted a picture with the band. Of course I almost died on my way out because so many people wanted to get in line for the autograph session. I was one of the lucky ones to get out there early enough to get a decent spot in line. It was already like 3:00am and I was SOOO tired from head banging and stuff. So I'm sitting there with my CD in my hand, falling asleep when 20 mins later I noticed HIZAKI walk by in the next hallway over followed by Jasmine You, then I hear the dude say "HERE IS VERSAILLES!!" Then everyone stood up, they got the pictures taken care of. Then sat down for the rest of the fans to meet them.

When I finally got around Yuki was the first one I got to meet, he signed my CD booklet and said "Thank you!" and shook my hand. Hizaki signed my CD next and bowed his head and said "Thank you!". Teru was next and he was the cutest of them all :D He signed in gave it back and said "THANK YOU VERY MUCH~ ^______________^" and i almost died from his cuteness. Kamijo signed it next followed by Jasmine You. Jasmine you almost made me laugh, after he signed my CD, he put it down grabbed my hand with both of his, bowed his head and said thank you. He handed it back and I was on my way back to the hotel at long last.

I got there at about 3:54am and just crashed on the floor xD I'm not even kidding lol I couldn't actually fall asleep for a while, but I remember getting woken up by people coming in and out of the room (at 5am people? Seriously?). I got up and packed at around 10:00. Left and put my baggage at the check in place. I didn't have anything to do until 5:00 so I just walked around the con some more, then left the hotel and went on an exciting adventure!

I walked around crystal city, but got bored pretty quickly. I headed in the first direction I saw, and thought "HEY! Maybe I can go to Washington D.C this way! Maybe I can see the memorial and stuff!" So I walked that way. xD On my way out I met up with Nancy... I think her name is Nancy..... the co owner of Tainted Reality Radio, and the reason Versailles was even here in the first place. I asked for her picture, and she also took one with me!

I look retarded...

So I walked and walked and walked, for about 45 minutes and I ended up in this small city known as Alexandria. I have no idea where the hell I am, but I ask the gas station dude how to get to the memorial and the mall. He pointed in the direction I just came from and said "Go a little past crystal city and you will get there in about 40 minutes" I checked my phone for the time, bought a XXX Vitamin water, and power walked back to the hotel.

It took only like 25 mins this time, so I kept walking the other way and I walked until I hit 14th st (Which is what he told me to look for) and I turned left like he told me. I walked and found myself at this HUUUGE mall that was seriously 4 floors in size and each floor was like the size of a football field and a half. I was in awe, so much so that I missed my chance to see the monument and everything because It was already 2:20 and I had to be at the airport by 3:30. So I left in another hurry back to the hotel, arriving at like.... 3:00 exactly. They had trouble locating my poster so I was a little late...

I got to the hotel at like 3:30 exactly and ate pizza and chilled out till we left on the flight. I got first class for the 4 hour long flight :D They gave me delicious food and warm towelettes for after xD They offered me wine at first, then I was like LOL. Got back to CO at about 7:30pm (We were late because the lavatory pipe exploded...... gross).

And that was my trip to Washington D.C.... I really want to return so I can look at the memorial and stuff. I was so pissed off that I missed that opporunity >/ But I would rather MEET Versailles anyday xD

This is my hotel! It's pretty :D

This was some cool apartment complex that was getting built

These were pretty flowers next to the hotel

Fall happens in D.C TOO! 8D

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devinkye00: Ruki → Handsome little devildevinkye00 on October 28th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
I highly recommend traveling alone, it gives you a great boost of confidence sort of like a ... "I CAN DO THIS!" kind of attitude xD

It's fantastic xD

tarariri on November 2nd, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, good, so now we know what you look like! XD