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15 December 2008 @ 02:24 pm
[002] Los Angeles, California - Pacific Media Expo  
My second post in less than a month! This time I traveled to Los Angeles, California to see my all time favorite vocalist Kaya at Pacific Media Expo. This trip wasn't nearly as bad as the first, and everything went REALLY well.

So everything was packed the day before I left, so I was totally ready for this trip. I made it a point to MAKE SURE I had the Ticket for the convention and my Kaya Salon de chocolat DVD so that he could sign it on Sunday. So I left for the airport at about 1:00 to get there by 2:30 because my flight left at 3:00 ish. Since I'm a standby passenger I unfortunately did not make it on the 3:00 o'clock flight, so I had to deal with the 4:00 o'clock one instead. I was scared I wasn't going to make it but after the 2 hour flight, I FINALLY made it to Los Angeles International airport at about 5:15. I called tarariri to tell her I was there and needed to get in the room, but she didn't answer so I started to freak out. I called adamsapple_15 and he didn't answer either so I was alone in Los Angeles with no hotel or ANYTHING. As I was frantically trying to get a hold of someone, this ANNOYING black girl kept harassing me to donate a dollar to retarded children. I would have liked to donate if I had cash, and that's what I said. But she INSISTED I go inside and take money out of my fucking credit card. I snapped at her and left for the bus that would take me to the hotel.

While I was on the bus, adamsapple_15 FINALLY called me and we met so I could go and put my stuff away in the room. When I got in the room he showed me they had a Kaya calender (I wanted to get it, but it was REALLY small and 20 bucks. Not worth it to me.) and a poster. He took me downstairs to show me the cure booth where all his merch was; they had 3 different posters with these pictures: [1], [2], [3]., a pink fan, his chocolat CD, Salon de chocolat DVD, A mirror, uhh they didn't have much when I was there at first so I didn't buy anything. The poster was like 20 bucks and half the size of a normal one. No Kaya merch for me, I was so sad that I didn't want anything, but I wasn't going to waste my money.

So I headed to the line where I FINALLY saw tarariri in her GORGEOUS dress inspired by Kaya. She saw me and like... grabbed me and swung me around saying how cute I was xDDDDD So I hung out in line with them and we talked about Kaya and how earlier they saw Kaya walk by without makeup to do soundcheck and no one realized it was him till he passed haha. I noticed this cute - obviously gay - boy sitting next to where Eugenia was (Tarariri), and I was like DAMN. hahaha. So we hung out in the line for like 2 or 3 hours just like talking and walking around once in a while, she kept getting stopped for pictures, which is totally understandable. That dress was beautiful! So at like 7 or so we headed back because doors were opening at 7:30. Eugenia wandered off somewhere so I started talking to this girl who totally became my BFF in line haha. It was her and angryazngirl I was talking to and we all became total BFF's xDDDD

While I was in line, I noticed at first glance this dude at the tainted reality booth who looked EXACTLY like Mana, I kinda freaked out and asked why no one was there talking to him. Turns out he's the guitarist for SUICIDE ALI, and looks like Mana's twin ;___;

Can you guess which one? o_O

They FINALLY let us in the venue which was surprisingly big, bigger than Versailles had anyway. We all saw Eugenia walk in with the press people and all of us went WTF!!! D< So I got FRONT ROW right... here I'll draw a picture.

YUP that's what it was. So they got started A LOT quicker than Versailles did, they started the concert in less than 10 minutes. The only bad thing, was that they were just openers.

The first dude "Heday" was the most horrible thing I've ever heard. EVER. (Go here and listen to "I want to meet with you -- heday" in the little music player in the top right. HORRIBLE) He was wearing these AWFUL AWFUL Yellow seventies bell bottoms a bright green shirt. It was the most horrible thing I've ever had to endure while waiting for Kaya :| His last song was about the penis of an asian man and how it's underestimated. WTF DUDE.

But it got a little better with the second opening band, Nylon Pink. A little.

Nothing was wrong with the music, it was A LOT better than Heday. They were just SO SLUTTY. I remember they had a song called "Crack" and that's about it. I was way too busy being excited for Kaya to even care. During the intermissions between each band, they were playing this ANNOYING ASS stereotypical anime music as loud as possible, and me and the other dude (Logan - chrome_hearts ) were making fun of how it all sounded the same haha xD

After Nylon pink did their thing, the stage was completely cleared from all instruments and it was MASSIVE. The lights went out and everyone SCREAMED their minds out as the beginning of Kaleidoscope (A song I didn't expect him to perform AT ALL) started. And then.... he... came out from the right side of the stage, and I seriously almost passed out. He started dancing along with the music and it was just amazing to see him like... right in front of me. Maybe like 2 feet in front of me.

The setlist was as follows:

Silvery Dark
Chocolat (OMG GREAT!)
-Outfit Change ~ Yui and Ochi did a 5 minute dance routine-
Kagami Oni
Psycho Butterfly
Glitter Arch


During Walkure, I was so excited to see this song live because i knew a lot of the dances he did xD And it was so much fun to DANCE with Kaya. The talking portion of this was the most amazing thing I could have ever experienced xD The one part that I will ALWAYS remember was when Kaya said "Kawaii?" and Everyone said "YES!" And he just smirked and said "I know :]" he was REALLY friendly with the audience, and was very into the concert even though stage was complete crap.

Wasn't too stoked about Silvery Dark and Masquerade, although silvery dark was fantastic and I love that song, but I was so excited to see the more upbeat songs. Once Chocolat started EVERYONE in the crowds hands went up and everyone was bouncing and dancing, probably the best performance of the entire concert. No joke when I say that. During the outfit change, Ochi and Yui danced for like 5 minutes straight, which only told us how gay they were xD it was funny. So flamboyant haha. Kaya came out in this new outfit I have never seen before, it was a cute purple kimono - I wish I could find pictures of it, but alas I cannot. He came out with a umbrella and threw confetti on everyone. He talked for a bit before asking "Dance with me?" as Kagami oni started. I'd seen the DVD so i knew the dance to this too, everyone who had seen it probably knew it lol.

During Kugutsu, I remember he did that scream thing at the very beginning and the only thing I remember about that was Eugenia turning to me and going "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" then laughing hysterically at his cute - scary scream xDDDDDDDD

Kasha and Glitter arch were the songs I was most active - save chocolat - I jumped and had my arms in the air the entire time. During the entire thing, Kaya would sometimes come over to us and put his hand out to us and of course everyone had to touch it xD

After glitter arch, he announced his dancers and left. For a couple minutes everyone was shouting ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE, and like 5 minutes passed before ROSE JAIL started to play and everyone went wild. I mean WILD. I definitely like the salon de chocolat performance of this song better, but oh my god who cares? It's Kaya. I kept getting hit in the back of the head by the person behind me, annoying as hell. And I was getting shoved into the photographers section from everyone wanting to touch Kaya. I of course, touched Kaya's Thigh, hand, and during this song, chrome_hearts got fucking kissed on the arm by Kaya :| I think EVERYONE was jealous as hell. I am xD People were shoving me forward and i'm so surprised i didn't go flying into the stage. After the song ended he fled the stage with nothing more than a wink and a "I love you!"

People kept cheering for him to come out again but the announcer came out and was all "GO HOME D<" So we left. They had a merch booth set up outside with more things I didn't see like a towel , the glitter cd (Girl version), stickers, and other misc things. But the thing that caught my eye was the glitter poster! I wanted it so bad! They wouldn't sell it though, you only got it if you bought the cd. I wasn't going to so I was SUPER sad : ( We went back to the hotel room to find Eugenia locked both keys inside, so we needed a way in. We called security and got changed really quick before we headed out to denny's. Pretty much until like 2am we were there then we went back to the hotel and CRASHED.

We woke up on sunday and almost immediantly headed down to the con to get in line for the Q&A Session. In line we met back up with chrome_hearts and waited for us to be allowed in. When they finally let us in, we ran to the front and took a seat xD I was sitting next to Eugenia and Logan then this random ass dude came up and was all "We are going to play a Video of Kaya in Japan, so enjoy!"


It was a video of like.... Phantasmagoria or something and this band no one knew of (Nightingale... or something" and there was no Kaya. So Logan and I laughed about that. Then we saw Kaya come out and hide behind a giant screen, totally pretending that we couldn't see him. Soon enough he was introduced and he took his seat next to the translator. The entire thing (Most of it anyway) can be found here.

(The questions I asked him were the ones about his favorite songs to perform while he was in schwarz stein, and the one about his costumes.)

Some notable things about that Q&A that totally made my day was his laughter and the way he would look at you like he totally understood what you said - then immediantly turn to the translator to see wtf you just said xD HES SO CUTE I LOVE HIM. Some pics from the Q&A:

After the Q&A we immediantly ran out of the room to get our spot in the picture with Kaya line (Except Eugenia - She got a press pass so went to some unknown place). We were first in line for the Kaya pictures and we waited for about an hour and a half... maybe it was 3 hours SOMETHING like that. But during that time, I was just sitting there listening to the horrible karaoke and watching people para para. Then suddenly, Kaya walks by on the hallway across from us and I scream "Holy Fuck that was Kaya!" Logan turns to me and was all "Oh my god! Let's go fucking stock him!" So we count to three and run off towards him. Turns out he had a press meeting (Which is where Eugenia was - lucky betch). After that it was another like 30 minutes before Logan stopped everyone and was like "Okay guys, don't freak out." I turn around and Kaya was standing like... right in front of me. Totally ignoring us xD

He walked in and I was the first to get my picture taken. I handed them my money and walked in. I stood next to Kaya and....

I was so nervous so I look like crap xD We did a livejournal one too with all of his LJ addicts, so...

In case anyone was wondering, tarariri (Eugenia) is the one next to Kaya who is wearing a kaya-esque dress, and Logan is the one in the back doing the peace sign xD After the photos I pretty much just left, except when I followed Logan to his car where he gave me this:

&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts I totally love you for that &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts

So I collected my things and got on the shuttle to the airport. Got on my plane, got home 2 hours later. It was pretty epic, definitely my favorite trip I've taken.

Next Trip: Sakura Con in Seattle / Girugamesh Concert
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It really does thanks so much :D

Totally jealous xD